Photograph of Jack Gibbons
Jack Gibbons (born March 2, 1962) is an English pianist and composer. Gibbons has composed nearly one hundred works, including over forty songs and over thirty compositions for solo piano. He is also known for regularly performing the works of Charles-Valentin Alkan and George Gershwin.


List of compositionsEdit

Opus Title Date
12 Sonnet: Remember me (words by Christina Rossetti)
13 Phantom of Delight (words by William Wordsworth)
14 When We Two Parted (words by Lord Byron)
15 I'll Not Weep (words by Emily Brontë)
16 Beloved Again (words by Emily Brontë)
17 Music, when soft voices die (words by Percy Bysshe Shelley)
18 Echo (words by Christina Rossetti)
19 Sleep Not (words by Emily Brontë)
20 Why? (words by Christina Rossetti)
21 Epitaph for a child (words by Robert Herrick)
22 The Garden of Love (words by William Blake)
23 In The Lane (words by Christina Rossetti)
24 Weep you no more (words by John Dowland)
25 The Linnet (words by Walter de la Mare)
26 Roses for the flush of youth (words by Christina Rossetti)
27 The Bourne (words by Christina Rossetti)
28 Among the flowers (words by Christina Rossetti)
29 Love me, I Love You (words by Christina Rossetti)
30 Siciliano
31 If I Could Shut the Gate
32 Oh What Comes Over the Sea (words by Christina Rossetti)
33 Mariana (words by Christina Rossetti)
34 Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee (words by Emily Brontë)
36 When I am Dead My Dearest (words by Christina Rossetti)
37 Prelude in A flat
38 Tarantella
39 Waltz in E major
40 Echo's Song (words by Ben Jonson)
41 Lament for strings
43 Once (words by Christina Rossetti)
44 Prière
45 Song Without Words
46 Contredanse
47 Perhaps (to R.A.L.) (words by Vera Brittain)
48 Song from the Old World
49 Waltz in G major
50 Music Box
51 Lullaby (in memoriam) align=center|
52 A Life Beyond (words by Jack Gibbons) align=center|
53 Waltz in F minor align=center|
54 Sarabande align=center|
55 Waltz in E flat minor align=center|
56 Prelude in E major align=center|
57 The Sun Is Set (words by Jack Gibbons) align=center|
58 Sapessi pure! (words by Christina Rossetti) align=center|
59 Shanty align=center|
60 Sing A Song of Spring (words by Jack Gibbons) align=center|
61 May (words by Christina Rossetti) align=center|
62 A Red, Red Rose (words by Robert Burns) align=center|
63 I Love My Jean (words by Robert Burns) align=center|
64 Cradle Song (words by John Phillip) align=center|
65 A Love Alive (words by Jack Gibbons) align=center|
66 A New World Song align=center|
67 Life (words by Charlotte Brontë) align=center|
68 The Parting Day (words by Edith Wharton) align=center|
69 The One Grief (words by Edith Wharton) align=center|
72 How Sweet I Roam'd from Field to Field (words by William Blake) align=center|
73 Longing (words by Matthew Arnold) align=center|
74 The Aspen (words by A.E. Houseman) align=center|
75 Roses (words by Edna St. Vincent Millay) align=center|
76 Lullaby of an Infant Chief (words by Sir Walter Scott) align=center|
77 Waltz for a musical box align=center|
78 Waltz in F major align=center|
79 Nocturne in F sharp align=center|
80 Melody in F sharp align=center|
81 Minuetto malinconico align=center|
82 Seven Esquisses align=center|
83 Andantino align=center|
84 Preludio align=center|
85 Menuetto antico align=center|
86 Nocturne in D flat align=center|
87 Menuetto semplice align=center|
88 Consolation align=center|
89 Ave verum corpus align=center|
90 Ave verum corpus align=center|