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Yiruma (Lee Ru-Ma) is a South Korean pianist and composer. He is a contemporary classical music artist, and is well known for a lot of his work. His most notable piece is "River Flows in You" from his debut album First Love.


Yiruma began his journey of playing the piano at just age five. He moved to London when he was only eleven years old to attend The Purcell School of Music, where he recieved the opportunity of contributing to the album "The Musicians of Purcell". From then on Yiruma thrived in music, and took the world by storm with his incredible talent.

Musical ContributionsEdit

Studio Albums:

Love Scene 2001
First Love 2002
From the Yellow Room 2003
Nocturnal Lights...They Scatter 2004
Destiny of Love 2005
Poemusic 2005
H.I.S. Monologue 2006
P.N.O.N.I. 2008
Stay in Memory 2012
Blind Film 2013

Live Albums:

Yiruma: Live at HOAM Art Hall